Jesus Hernandez

10+ Years experience in live audio, digital recording, mixing, editing and sound design.

  • Tracking

  • MIDI

  • Mixing

  • Mastering

  • Editing

  • Pro-Tools

  • Reaper

  • Cubase

  • Logic

  • Audition

  • Mac and PC

Creative Services
  • Composition

  • Scoring

  • Arranging

  • Pre-Production

  • Producing

Session Musician
  • Guitar​(Acoustic, Electric, Classical)

  • Bass

  • Drums/Percussion

  • Keyboard/Synth

  • Mandolin

  • Ukulele

  • Instagram

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Themes, Jingles and Compositions

Below You'll find some music that I've documented and collaborated on. I plan on updating this page with future projects. If you're interested in collaborating or recording with me you can find my contact me here.

Pink Frosty - Volume 2: VOLUME 2: ÑAÑATRON (2019)

Atlanta Art Punk/Garage


Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Vocals, Programming

Pink Frosty - Volume 1: The Big Move (2019)

Atlanta Art Punk/Garage


Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Vocals

Crimes of Fashion - Demo (2018)

South Florida Punk/Garage.


Drums, Keys, Back Up Vocals

No Dice - S/T (2018)

South Florida Hardcore For Punks


We Don't Speak Of War - Que Asko (2017)

South Florida Punk/Metal


Pathetic - Best Wishes (2016)

South Florida Pop Punk


Drums, Bass, Backing Vocals

Sponge - Sponge (2016)

South Florida Punk


Reapermanser - The Reaper Awaits Damnation (2016)

South Florida Blackened Thrash Punk


Antifaces - Solo Quedan Fantasmas 7"(2016) & Sonidos Reciclados (2015)


For more info or to book a service please contact Jesus Hernandez